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I see you have stumbled upon my blog of jibber jabber and quirky designs. This blog is sort of a diary to me. With my goldfish memory, sometimes its nice to read a post from a year or more ago.

I Must say I have been pretty lazy with updating as usual. That i shall blame on my memory also.

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7 more days of a little inconsistent drawing – June week one

Dear blog

As promised to myself I have mostly continued sketching this week as well. with all the negative news around thinking about each drawing, the composition, the colours & the details has been an escape from the stressful reality. Here are from the 1st week of june.

Monday: I didnt follow the correct monday promts. instead I did this one from the week before for my true love with patterned tiles. i sometimes thing i should have been a surface pattern designer or should have worked in a custom tile making factory!

tile . teapot. palm tree

Tuesday : This actually refers to a menmory. But not a very pleasant one. the last time or second time i visited islamabad ( for a meeting with a friend) it rained alot. unfortunately the same day a plane crashed. We were due to return on plane arriving just after the one that crashed. it felt terrible. there has been another recent plane crash 2 days before eid which was also very very heartbreaking. below remembering the day on a lighter note. with just the rain and the mosque.

A rainy day in Islamabad. Mosque. Camera. Rain

Thursday: I love this second experiment with the tile surface. this one uses islamic star pattern as a base to work with and then adds the pattern on top. it woulf be interesting to try new colour patterns

Re-doing the tile pattern for the tea time sketch from earlier

Saturday: I dont really recognize cars very well but the only one that there is a chance that i may recognize would be a mini cooper.

Vintage car. Sunglasses. Popsicle

Sunday: For the love of lego and architectural items

New York City . A planet . Back pack

And that’s all for this week!

7 days of consistent drawings

Dear blog

As usual it has been years since I made a post here. It’s the year 2020, I’m living and working in Singapore and it’s absolutely crazy out there in the world. From covid 19 , bush fires, plane crash, locust outbreak… its amazing that’s barely been half a year.

My work has been incredibly busy as well so when my friends at open door started putting out sketching prompts I found much needed meditation in the process of drawing. I shall some of the sketches from those here as well. But this post is for consistently following the prompts on conceptsapp page for a whole week. Some of these are my absolute favorite illustrations I have done.

Day 7 , may 31: my dream bathroom. Inspired out of a bathroom I was able to experience back in karachi when I worked at design options. I love being able to have natural light and view of some greens in my spaces. Bathrooms are no exception.

My dream bathroom. Prompts bathroom. Eames chair . Light fixture.

Day 6, May 30 a playground. We haven’t been outside properly in over 3 months now and although I don’t frequent playgrounds the thought of being in one sounds rather lovely

Outdoors . Prompts: playground . Jump rope . Green

Day 5, May 29: re-imaging my interior sketching space. Since I’ve been working on illustration at my current office in Dbb I was introduced to Memphis style illustrations by our in house graphic designer. I used her proposal and took it forward and the client approved the design much to my delight. I can’t wait for it to be physically printed and applied. In this sketch I worked on another Memphis style illustration for the background of my modern home

Day 4, May 28 . Eeeek! A lizard. I live on the 14 floor here in Singapore and I absolutely love being able to see the green and the rain through my window. Normally this would bring in lots of small little creatures but fortunately I haven’t seen any in my nearly 2 years of being here. Phew!!

Eeeeekkkk a lizard!! Prompts: lizard . Curtain . Pyramid

Day 3, May 27 . Lemme take a selfie. Since we can’t be traveling around the world I assumed the alien may be immune to covid 19. So we can travel through his images.

Day 2. May 26 .Decorative column. What if the Corinthian columns were re designed with willow tree leaves? This was a fun experiment using the prompts column . Willow tree . Lake. I didn’t know how to bring in the lake. Any thoughts?

Willow leaves column. Prompts: willow tree. Column . Lake

Day 1, May 25. The day 1! This took me the longest probably because I haven’t done a detailed illustration like this in a long while and never on the concepts app. I enjoyed this so much it kept me going all the week. This is also one of my favorite from this week.

Cyborg museum cafe. Prompts : cyborg . Museum . Cafe

So we come to the end of this week. Hope I can continue this consistently along the week. Now I’ll get back to my cup of tea and the beautiful rain outside.

Because tapal danedar is life. With some elaichi please ❣️

Bye 👋🏼

layering geometry and organic


So I had been playing around with Taprats to generate a pattern I could divide and replicate as a larger surface within square tiles. So I did this:

4 Tiles pattern


step 2
4 x 4 pattern

But I had already started playing around with organic motif layered over the geometric ones and so I attempted another one on this:

step 5 copy
The organic over the geometric

step 5 xcopy
And it repeats to create this

perhaps there is colour in the pattern, or maybe in the tile.

floral and Star merged Patterns

It is really very easy to procrastinate. I have 1000 words due in a few hours and instead of writing I have been doing all sorts of other things this weekend. Mostly related to the project but some of them, like de-cluttering the PC and my email were defiantly pure obsessive procrastination. on a different note, the project related procrastination was a pure joy! I had been thinking of merging my floral motif tiles with geometric star pattern ones and this is what happened:


and I wondered if these are just too intricate to trace with the 3doodler … so I tried it out:


I am fairly happy with the outcome. Perhaps once I have money (not in the near future!) I shall update to 3doodler 2.0. The plastic extruding consistency i hear is better and i could really use that.

Star& Paisley – narratives of the cement tile


I’m thinking for a hash-tag for my tiles… something simple but obvious. perhaps then I can encourage people to take a picture and hash-tag it; see where it goes…

For now they fall into #patterntile #pattern #cement #3doodle #3doodler

The patterns are made with a 3d printing pen, 3doodler and embedded in cement. the pen and the materials are an absolute joy to work with!

Tiles . Pattern . Surface




Where is the narrative in the pattern? Is it in the experiments that are conducted?

I don’t think so. The experiments are just experiment, the narrative is in its beauty. The hand drawn patterns; each similar, each unique. The beauty is in the mistake, Its in the dialogue between plastic and cement.

As part of my MA research, I have been exploring patterns, ornamentation and handmade craftsmanship through a series of tiles. I had planned to have a dedicated blog for the Masters but nearly half the year is gone and there is no separate blog to add this.