7 more days of a little inconsistent drawing – June week one

Dear blog

As promised to myself I have mostly continued sketching this week as well. with all the negative news around thinking about each drawing, the composition, the colours & the details has been an escape from the stressful reality. Here are from the 1st week of june.

Monday: I didnt follow the correct monday promts. instead I did this one from the week before for my true love with patterned tiles. i sometimes thing i should have been a surface pattern designer or should have worked in a custom tile making factory!

tile . teapot. palm tree

Tuesday : This actually refers to a menmory. But not a very pleasant one. the last time or second time i visited islamabad ( for a meeting with a friend) it rained alot. unfortunately the same day a plane crashed. We were due to return on plane arriving just after the one that crashed. it felt terrible. there has been another recent plane crash 2 days before eid which was also very very heartbreaking. below remembering the day on a lighter note. with just the rain and the mosque.

A rainy day in Islamabad. Mosque. Camera. Rain

Thursday: I love this second experiment with the tile surface. this one uses islamic star pattern as a base to work with and then adds the pattern on top. it woulf be interesting to try new colour patterns

Re-doing the tile pattern for the tea time sketch from earlier

Saturday: I dont really recognize cars very well but the only one that there is a chance that i may recognize would be a mini cooper.

Vintage car. Sunglasses. Popsicle

Sunday: For the love of lego and architectural items

New York City . A planet . Back pack

And that’s all for this week!

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