enjoying my caffeine

I am a dreamer, a thinker
and not much of a writer

I’m mad as a hatter
as sane as possible
its hard to believe I’m not out of my mind

I am an architect. so pass me some parchment
cuz life is a tea party only some of the times


Hi! I’m Ilma. A simple but quirky 32-year-old Architect and Designer. I Love designing, Be it a building, small interior space, patterns on paper or products related to those. I enjoy sketching, reading and poetry (when i can understand) and dream of traveling the world. Building My Projects page but you can find my ramblings on the blog.

I love My Caffeine, coffee and Tea both. Chai/Coffee and sheesha time is the best time to discuss anything with friends.

I am currently living in singapore and working as an interior designer.

My page is called  “jibber jabber with a cup of tea” because that’s really what it is, a lot of jibber jabber from my head. I am very inconsistent about writing and writing really isn’t my thing either. But I’ve always wanted to jot down thoughts desires and my experiences. so what bits and pieces of everyday life is what you will find on my page. Feel free to leave me a comment. 🙂

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